Weight Loss With Yoga Equipment


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Yoga is a method of exercise that aims to increase flexibility and strength. It works towards the ability to join the body with the mind. There are many types of yoga; some are more oriented towards meditation, while others focus more on poses or asana. Yoga does not require special clothing and is usually performed barefoot. Having bare feet helps you to develop proper balance and stability. Practicing yoga helps with weight loss by building your willpower. As depression and fatigue goes away, it leaves you with more energy and lessens weight gain. As yoga strengthens the muscles, your metabolism speeds up, burning more calories.Â

There are several pieces of equipment that you can use in your yoga practice to help with weight loss. Blocks and pillows allow you to achieve proper placement and alignment when performing poses. This extra support prevents stress and strain on muscles and joints until the required strength is achieved. They will be used mostly under the hips, hands and heels. Most blocks are made of lightweight but rigid foam. The small amount of give from the foam helps to make it more comfortable. They can really help during several standing poses if you cannot reach the ground with your hand. For more variety or for specialty areas, there are different shaped bolsters that can be purchased. There are rectangular, cylindrical, breathing and zafu bolsters that provide needed support.

The next piece of equipment you may want to purchase is a mat. They are referred to as a yoga or sticky mat. These mats give a bit of cushion if you are exercising on a hard floor. The other main reason for a mat is to help prevent slipping after you start sweating. If a mat is too thick it may cause you to lose your balance and cause an injury. Mats come in many different textures. Run your hand over them to find the one that feels the best to you.

Straps are another piece of equipment to help in yoga. Several poses require you to hold onto a foot with a hand. If you cannot reach this, a strap will suffice until your flexibility increases. Other poses have hands joined and a strap can help you achieve this. There are many styles of straps for purchase such as ones that adjust or use buckles for different lengths. Even an old necktie can be used as a low cost or free option. Most ties are just the right length to be useful.

Before starting a session, grab a couple of thick towels or small blankets. These can be used under the neck, back and hips for sitting or lying poses and are customizable for you. If you know you will get cold when doing deep breathing, a blanket will keep you warm.

There are plenty of other pieces of yoga equipment available. If possible, sign up for a few classes with a certified instructor. They can help you with the proper way to achieve poses, especially if you are working on weight loss.

Written by Traci Pederson

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