Health Care Advice: How To Get The Best Medical Attention


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Getting good physician treatment is hard. From Hospitals to Family Practice, information on how to get the best from your doctor.

If you have ever had an experience with a hospital you must know that as soon as the admitting clerk takes your information, you are now a number. They place this little plastic I.D. bracelet on and you are now theirs. Hospitals, even if you choose not recognize the fact, they are still a business. Even though their business is the well being of others, life and death, some hospitals and the hospitals staff forget this important factor and need to be reminded they their business is human life. There are ways to insure that you receive the proper medical treatment you need and deserve.

If you find yourself in the situation that you must be in a hospital, here are a few helpful tips to make sure that you are well taken care of. First, when we don’t feel good, humans can be grouchy and sometimes rude. Especially, if we feel that we are not getting the proper care. The first thing you need to remember is try to be as polite as possible, make your concerns clear without being rude. There is an old saying that fits a hospital stay perfectly; “ you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.” The reason this statement is very true in a hospital is because the nurses who take care of you are your best allies. By being polite and not giving the nurse a hard time you will get more attention and better care. If you feel you are getting good service from a particular nurse give her some flowers or a card to let them know that you appreciate all their hard work, this will make a world of difference.

To avoid being issued a doctor, make sure you have a physician of your choice. If this is an emergency admission, and you had no time to contact a physician, still look at all the physicians that is available and choose one that fits your needs.

Written by Margie Parent

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