Medical Advice: Surviving A Clinical Trial For Cancer

Possible risks factors, side effects and the need to educate yourself about clinical trials for cancer before taking this major step.

The letter loomed larger than life, it read, “You are invited to participate in a “chemo-prevention” therapy trial, to study patients with a high risk of developing Multiple Myeloma or a reoccurrence of cancer.

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Health Advice What Are The Dangers of Sunburns

The dangers of getting too much sun are discussed, from skin irritation to possible malignant forms of skin cancer. Advice on how to get your sun without getting the burn.

The dangers inherent in too over exposure to the sun and the resulting sunburn have become more well-known to the American public over the last several decades.

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How Weight-Resistance Training Conditions Your Muscles

Learn the basic principles that explain how weight-resistance training leads to gains in the strength and performance of your muscles.

Weight-resistance training involves repeated lifting of an increasing amount of weight over time. By using your muscles to resist the opposing force of the weight, you condition your muscles in three main ways: by improving neuro-muscular efficiency, by building muscle tissue, and by establishing movement patterns.

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Health And Nutrition: Benefits And Sources of Amino Acids

A brief article about the eight essential amino acids and mentions of the other fourteen non-essential amino acids.

Amino acids are critical to having a healthy body. The stomach will take a piece of protein and break it down into around 22 amino acids. Eight of the amino acids are called essential because the body cannot make them for itself.

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How To Help Your Loved One Get Quality Nursing Home Care

After placing a loved one in a nursing home, here are tips to help your family member receive quality nursing care.

It’s not easy to move a beloved family member to a nursing home, no matter how attractive the facility or how qualified the staff. Older people resent giving up homes, cars, and checkbooks, or any combination of these things depending on their circumstances.

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Healthy Diet Plan To Reduce Your Food Intake

Seven suggestions to follow that can help a person eat less food during a diet and throughout life are offered.

One of the most effective methods to lose weight is to eat less, combined with an exercise regimen. Figuring out how to do that, especially when one is used to ingesting large quantities, can be exasperating.

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