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mystakes are a mess

even if you do it less

if you make a mystake

don’t think its gonna rot like steak

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A Boy and A Girl

A boy and a girl

the best of friends

from elementary to high school

from beggining to end

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I Won’t wait for it to come

Everyday is a new day
The way it ends on today
I couldent look for nothing new
But one of these days I knew

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Happy Movie But Sad Ending

Sorrow To My Heart

I never knew I had writing in me.
I never would think I would start reading.
God’s word has influenced me a lot.
His the one who got me out,
Got me out of mess not to get caught.

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Regrets? None What So Ever!

No Regrets

These poems that I write,
I care less if it’s good or bad.
All these sadness is filled up on my mind,
& I reminisce what I had.

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Morning Darkness

Morning Darkness

It is 3:30 a.m. as I sit alone thinking in my room.
Darkness has hit and created a gloom.
Peaking out my window I see no lights,
Power has gone just as my past cries.

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