Im Scared- Vaxenum Em

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Im Scared- Vaxenum Em

I cant talk, I cant sing,
I cant live with all of this pain,
I cant love anyone, so I stay tame.
Im standing here looking at the sky,
and for some reason, the stars arent shining on my face, and Im about to cry.
I dont know what to say, whom to say what to,
Im standing on the bridge of love, and dont know what to do.
Im looking towards the doors, and cant seem to find my way out,
I cant find how to escape, and lost my voice so I cant even shout.
Im scared to look down, Im at the very edge, cant open either eye.
I dont wanna fall in the sea of love, cuz I will automatically die.

Because love, is my only fear.
If you wanna understand my pain, imagine, in the entire sky, not a single star,
or the sun never shining, never there, if there was no light in the world.
My eyes dripping tears, as Im writing to explain my pain.
Because, as much as I try to run away, love follows me, like its in my every vein.
But, its very bad, that Im scared of love,
because there are a lot of men, giving me all their love, thatll put nobody above.

Vaxenumem- Im Scared

Chem karox xosell, chem karox yerkell,
chem karox aprell yes thanjvellov,
chem karox sirell votch mekin.
Kangnats em yes nayoom yerkenkin,
astxera chen payloom im eresin.
Cha gidem inch anem, umin asem?
Kangnats em siro kamoorjin,
uh nayoom em yes depi dernereen.
Chem getnum vonts helnem yes,
chem thesnoom vonts paxnem yes.
Uh vaxenumem nayem nerkev,
vor hangarts cha engenem siro tsovoom,
yes ka xorthakvem uh shath ka thanjvem,
vorov hethev siruts yes vaxenumem.
Yete uzumek haskanak duk im tsava,
pathkeratsrek yerkenkum astex cha liner,
kamell vor areva cha shoxi, cha liner,
vor luys cha liner ays ashxarum.
Im thexrutsun nem, artsunkoth atchkerov pathmum,
vor ishkan portsumem yes paxnem, sera indzi hethevumeh.
Bayts apsos vor siruts yes shath vaxenum em,
vorov shath txaner kan, vor irents sirthnera nevirumen.

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