1915 Armenian Genocide

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It was a genocide, something this world cant hide,

Even though they constantly deny,

The Turks are living a big lie.

Rewind back to 1915,

Something Im so thankful I didnt witness and see.

But, I can feel the pressure in me,

I lost a big part of my family to be.

We werent strong back then,

Let them try to pull another war again.

What? Is the world too blind to see?

Everything the Turks have done to my Armenian family and me?

Until this very same day,

I cant believe how theyve always turned us away,

And, I know as they say, there will come a better day.

But, its been almost 100 years since the genocide,

And, the facts their trying to bury, we are making it hard to hide.

Armenian Genocide it was on 1915,

Do a lil research, youll understand why our wounds still bleed.

And, they keep ripping deeper until this world does recognize,

That in 1915, the Turks committed the Armenian Genocide.

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