Why God?

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Why did I have to loose the one dat I loved
Why does my brain always feel so stuffed
Why do I hide da pain dat Im always feelin
Why do I find myself prtendin im finally healin
Why do I smile wen I noe itz a lie
Why did da one I love just have to die
Why do I still feel u as if ur still here
Why to ma heart ull always be near
Why in an instant my mind just twirled
Why did God leave me hangin n took away ma wrld
Why did I always turn around and pretend
Why just why did I loose ma best friend
Why did God bring me into his creation
Why did God have to leave me in such devestation
Why am I so lonley in this dam cold life
Why did u die n stab ma heart wth a knife
Why did u die so young n so painfully
Why couldnt I tell u one last time wat u meant to me
Why didnt I undastand all dat u did at once
Why did u hold baq fo so many monthz
Why didnt u tell me wat dat ring meant
Why wen I found out ma heart just bent n bent
Why do I regret ur death even though it was a good thing
Why didnt I see dis comin wen u gave me dat ring
Why am I always writin n hidin ma pain
Why in da summer Im standin in da pourin rain
Why was our love cut short but shorter was ur life on earth
Why have I been sufferin since da day of ma birth
Why do I have to ask so many questionz
Why dont I wanna hear any suggestionz
Why am I driftin away n dont want people to know
Why wen u died I suddenly fell so low
Why did dis have to bring me closer 2 u
Why do i feel derez nothin more I can do
Why havent I been eating
Why cant I fall asleep
Why do I alwayz have 2 see u in ma dreamz
Why cant I tell u just how much I miss u
Why was it dat u were da only one i could cry 2
Why now dat ur gone I cry wth ma face in da pillow
Why even though Im not ur wife I feel like im a widow
Why were u da best friend dat a grl could eva ask for
Why were we best friendz n u neva asked for more
Why did dat kiss have to be da last one
Why do I find maself rememberin all da bad thinz uve done
Why do i feel as If I just need to run
Why cant I remember yesterday wen I was in ur armz
Why am I thinkin of u n cryin so many tearz
Why wen Im around people I hold in all ma fearz
Why have I neva been able to keep it all inside
Why does it all fell like a dream i could just hide
Why am I thinkin n thinkin n thinkin
Why in an instant ma heart just weakend
Why did I loose u even though it was for da good
Why dont I think Ill eva be undastood
Why was it u da one dat was driving
Why is da last thing I remember us fighting
Why cant I remember da good timez we had
Why does ma heart ache n feel so dam bad
Why do I have to write it instead of speaking it out
Why do I feel as if dose wrdz wont come out of ma mouth
Why did I loose ma best friend n now Im lonley
Why arent u here and why arent u holding me
Why did I loose u jus answer me why
Why God did da love of ma life just have to die?

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