A Boy and A Girl

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A boy and a girl

the best of friends

from elementary to high school

from beggining to end

through all those years

their friendship grew

they both felt the same

but neither knew

each warking moment

scince the day they met

they both loved each other

sunrise to sunset

he was all she had

in her terrible life

he was the one

who kept her from her knife

she was his angel

she made him smile

though life threw him curves

she made it all worth while

then one day

things went terribly wrong

the next few weeks

were like a very sad song

he made her jealous

on purpose he tried.

when the girl asked, “do you love her?”

on purpose he lied

he played with jealousy

like it was a game

little did he know

things would never be the same

his plan was working

but he had no clue

how wrong things would go

the damage he would do

one night she broke down

feeling very alone

Just her and the blade.

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