I Will Never Forget You

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Dedicated To My Grandfathers Hovanes and Hovannes

It seems very dark without you.

How I wish those days you lightened my way.

It feels as I have lost my way why couldnt you please remain.

You were better than a Father you loved me like a daughter.

Remembering you brings tears to my eyes.

Thinking your here brings joy to my life.

Knowing your gone now thats a tarnish.

Because you have completely vanished.

Because without you nothing feels good.

As I remember your charm and embrace.

I remember your not in your place.

Not a night that I dont cry now why would I lie?

Knowing that your gone hating that your lifeless.

Thinking your alive and thinking your beside us.

Brings that smile back to my face that your next to me.

Rest In Peace as your asleep.

Have fun your in Heaven with wings.

Apart or Far you always be in my heart.

I will always love you,and never forget you.

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