Tough Life

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Hard Life

I’m sick, I don’t feel good,
Waking up in the morning
Feelings the flue.
Had to go to work,
Drank some pills.
Headaches hitting me hard,
Gotta pay my bills.
We can’t even afford to stay home.
Not in this world at least.
But I also don’t wanna get my partners sick,
If I go there, I’ll start to sneeze.
Still I went to work,
Feeling the strong breeze.
Getting me sick even more
Thinking about our fees.
This is how most people live.
No space for sickness
No space for tardy.
There’s only one thing on our minds
And that’s our family.
We struggle,
At times we cause trouble.
We can’t live wealthy.
With our couple of dollars.
But this is how you start,
From poor to rich,
Move your pieces right,
You’ll be happy living on the beach.
Just keep doing what you got to do.
Keep your head up,
Make money big or small.
But just don’t give up.
It’s a stage where everybody struggles,
A stage where some people break.
Everybody got something to worry about,
Everybody got a headache.
We just can’t seem to get peace of mind.
We can rarely see the light.
Even at night.
Some people can’t take it
So they break down and cry.
But it’s okay,
The struggle will fade.
One day we’ll be living under the sun
Instead of the shade.
That will be the day
When God opens the Haven’s gate.
Stand up straight and wait,
It’ll be soon not late.
Just believe,
Have faith.
That’s all you need.
I pray night and day
I feel happy and free.
There is always good after bad.
Don’t be jealous,
Don’t be a brat.
Be happy not mad,
Be positive
And you’ll catch more good than bad.
What can we do but live?
Life is just made sad!
Don’t get me wrong,
We are all fed up with the life we had.

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