Rare Day

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Good Rare Day

Today is a good day.
Having fun in every way.
Cars going by,
Birds chirping.
Airplanes flying,
& hopeless’s burping.
Walking down the mountain Streets,
seeing people running, keeping themselves healthy.
Still a beautiful day,
With a smile on my face.
Sun coming out of blue clouds,
It just was a beautiful gaze.
I loved it.
But at times life sux.
what can we do.
life is just like a maze.
My neighbor all quite,
This neighborhood is never wild.
We love the quietness,
Till i start bumping.
Bumping the 3000 WATT system,
Waking them neighbors,
Music Pumpin.
Seeing them shocks Jumpin.
It’s ma ride goin off the concrete.
Hearin the Hardcore fever rap beat.
On a 13’in. spokes,
kids were amazed to what they saw.
even the old folks.
It was a rare day,
Everyone was feelin ma 64’ chevroley.
Not worrin about money nor fame.
I didn’t live in a cave.
Thas cuz I was livin with God’s name.
His word I listen and crave.
why? cuz I’m brave.
Its power, its not lame
think about it!
So than drivin on the Boulevard,
Passin through a red light,
Quicker than ever,
Popo’s right by my side.
Rollin the windows down,
giving me a warning sign.
Cuz they knew I wasn’t there to take innocent lives.
they saw my suit whit a tie.
Going to work,
Not going to a Gang fight.
It was awesome.
I was happy.
Going to work,
with a big smile on me.
There was one thing on my mind.
to make that Green money.
loans are serious business,
cant take it funny.
So live large,
Be smart.
Do things right,
and you’ll survive.
with a happy life
and a beautiful wife right by ur side!

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