Step Down

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Step down, let me show you how it is.
Comin close, tryin to knock me out, but youll miss.
Back up, cuz you cant never match to this.
Hold on, cuz Ill knock you off your feet, with just one fist.

Show me, whatcha think makes you kool.
Look up, youll see in my eyes, your reflection, your the biggest fool.
Talkin bull, like you know whats really up, and whos who.
Spreadin rumors, but the biggest loser here is you.

Bring it, cuz I never back down from any fight.
Try and sing it, and youll still be so low, cuz your jealousy has effected your height.
Try and correct me, cuz you know that Im always right.
Break me, now thatll take way more than just one night.

Give up, cuz no matter what you cant never bring this chik down.
Cant stop me, Im inevitable, and yes I do wear the crown.
Open your eyes wider, youll see the machine in me.
Try to change me, will be the hardest task of your lives, look here and youll see.

Dont blink, cuz just like that, you’ll lay flat on the ground.
Pull aside, Im coming through, and stronger than ever, just ask around.
Quiet down, stop talkin, cuz no one is listening.
Breathe out, look around, their laughing at you, pointing and whispering.

Watch out, this chik aint playin, talk some more, and Ill send you straight to the bottom.
Slow it down, they feed off of my work, so everything they learned and know, Ive taught em.
Always slippin, thinkin they get away with it, tryin hard to make me look bad, but I stopped em, each time that I caught em.
Tryin harder, to bring me down, and even when I was tired, I still stood up, I still fought em.

Hurry up, say you hate me more, and give me another motivation, towards being even better.
Getting angry, when I drop another great work, so they sit down and write me another hate letter.
Typing and writing, longer and faster, knowing that it doesnt get to me one bit.
To hurt me, will take much longer, cuz I get over thousands of comments on how Im great, and just a few from you, that Im not good, now go and hate, cuz I just wrote another hit.
Back it up, theres no doubt, cuz when you see me you turn and run.

Shake you off, brush the dirt off my shoulders, cuz I have thousands of respected fans, and how many do you have? Thats right none!
To laugh at me, when Im really the one whos laughin at you, its great cuz your comments make my work, full of laughter, and so much fun.
Think harder, cuz I bet this is the side of me youve never seen nor expected, Im tellin you Ill still be on top, even if its a hundred to one.
Youll lay down, cuz my words are much stronger than a gun.
Yell louder, write a whole book, and you still wont have the effect I have, through just one sentence, and kick back, cuz you might stop, but Ive just begun.

Mess with me, and you can count your precious days.
Make me broke, when Im my own boss, controlling my work and everything it pays.
Question me, and find out that Im so dangerous, everytime I write, I can bring down your names.
Weaken me, when I do have the power, so dont make me twist every one of your lil games.

Amuse me, with all the rumors you make, all the lies you try to spread.
Entertain me, cuz you cant live without me, like Im your butter and bread.
Hate me, cuz you know I am the next big thing.
And they Envy me, even before I got that bling, bling.

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