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Here we go again with another severed vein

You keep cutting them again and again

Where in the world does this cut lead

Like any fluid that pours – it lets the earth bleed

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All about me

Here is my picture for everyone to see No one looks exactly like me My hair, my eyes are different you see My smile, my laughter is special to me My nose, my mouth, hands and feet Make my features quite unique.

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Love is like an ugly dragon,

calm at first,

than in the long run,

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Summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring, all the time goes by, it’s like everything just went its way and flies by, nothing anyone says nothing anyone can do, time is its own thing, can stay, can go, can do wonderful things like make you glow

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Love apocalypse

You are such a hypocrite

Does it have to be so apocalyptic?

I am so surrounded

I am so lost

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Uncle Don went to heaven – may 25th 2010

Your gone for today

you will be back agan

to show your love

and cherrish an old friend

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