Love apocalypse

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You are such a hypocrite

Does it have to be so apocalyptic?

I am so surrounded

I am so lost

In the array of finding the truth

Does it have to be so dramatic!

I heard

Every words you said

I should have known

I should let it go

In the array of finding love

I found you so deeply pragmatic

You are blind!

You are hypocrite

God! You are damn dogmatic

At the beginning to say

I was mesmerized by your charisma

Thought it as some kind of love enigma

I hate to say now

You are so full of shit!

Your paleness, dogma

Get rid of it

You are surely a hypocrite

I am feeling so apocalyptic

I am feeling the end is near

Do you hear?

Say something if you want to say

Or leave it that way

Sounds monotone

But let’s move on

Say If you really wanna stay

Stop being so affluent

Stop the affray

The clock is ticking

Life is taking a heavy roll

Down the coast

I am meant to be a part of that sweet rolling

But I am feeling so lost allover again

Damn! My lowness for you

You were never meant to alleviate my soul

I should have known

I should let it go

I am feeling so apocalyptic in your love

Our time together

It’s over

Do you hear?

Your apocalyptic love……damn it!

—————————————- By Rajib 

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