Uncle Don went to heaven – may 25th 2010

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Your gone for today

you will be back agan

to show your love

and cherrish an old friend

we rode horses and laughed

the days away as we walked

each and every day

to smile and grin are the things i have

rembered the most is you teaching me

and now that your gone

its like this lesson just began

I look to the mountains and stood where you died

wondering why but then all i see is your face  way up

in that biug blue sky.God has a plan for you and me,we may not be able

to see what he hath done but he lives by it day by day.

So i choose to lean on him in every way.

I laugh and smile when i think of the moments we shared.

for only i know i will soon be there.

you might not be able to hear me but thank you for always being there.

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