The Mosquito’s love bite

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Sweat fills the air,
breathless I take another press up
a frantic heart becomes a pulsating blood cup
I pace the gasps
gasps for air,
rafts of waving flesh bare.

A Mosquito watches
I’m still unaware
circling with nature’s sharp blade
courts me in a buzzing serenade
with compound eyes
sees a thousand guys
in a kaleidoscope mesh
it seeked me as a meal to refresh.

She left with one bite behind the ear
a trespasser lover who leaves the parting very clear.

A lover’s bite for
those spunked with flowing blood
or perhaps those
life once left in a puddle of mud.

If only all lover’s bites
could clear with antiseptic,
If only we let the blood flow
for more trespassers
and not always be so skeptic.

Ramin Tork June 4 2010

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