In My Eyes

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Damn those rainy days,
with the tears dripping down my face,
trying to stop them in so many complicated ways,
sometimes I find myself in a competitive race.
My happiness is at the finish line in this case,
Smiling through my hearts what I need to embrace,
To me the American Justice System is such a disgrace.
The criminals are the shoes and the court workers are the lace,
their skipping straight to homerun from the 1st base.
Thats what money does to judges, lawyers, and cops, it just changes your place,
When I remember how it all is, I feel like my mind has this big blank space.
I dont even understand how they can show their face,
Our trust in them Ive already defaced.
To listen to them is just a waste,
I feel like who I used to trust in has been misplaced.
I dont know how many more days I can cry,
since we cant do anything to the laws, but we can try.
The government workers and the criminals are connected through so many ties,
focusing their eyes on the big prize.
The illegal money that they try so hard hide,
And all the times they swore but really lied.
Look into my eyes through the endless river of tears,
I guarentee youll find.
All the illegal and fake papers theyve hidden or signed,
leaving all the true evidence behind.
And, Ill stand up so that I can remind,
All the good people and victims the Justice System has declined.
And, you can tell by just looking in my eyes,
how much Ive suffered
because of the Justice Systems deceiveing lies.

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