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I pray to you daddy every single night, .

I pray to you daddy with all of my might,

Im down on my knees daddy, and Im begging for you

to stop this river of tearz, Recreate my life daddy.

You showed me right from wrong, good from bad, now all I

need daddy is for you to teach me love from hate,

smiles from tearz, and sadness from happiness. Daddy

I need to stop crying and I need to start smiling. I know you

love me daddy, so from a father to a daughter please

grant my wish daddy, and please let me live my fantasy.

Daddy I know I hurt you when I say I hate life, and

I know that youve been through way worse, but daddy

you gotta understand that because of all this hate sometimes

I wish I could die. Im not gonna lie daddy, I hate my life.

Daddy with the knife in my hand, as Im ready to die, I hear

a cry. I see you crying, crying tears of blood. I ask,

why are you crying daddy? And, you tell me a story of how

your life used to be, you explained your pain and torture,

you explained how some people didnt love you, you

explained to me your sadness until the day we love you!

See, God was never happy until he found us, that is

why he sacrificed his only son to be nailed

to a cross. He proved he loved us all, no more, no less,

but equally. That is why on Christmas Eve

one name we share is Jesus Christ, our beloved daddy!

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