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At first I really hated u

Cuz u kinda took me outa skoo

But now I see dat I was a foo

2 not see all dat all along u were so koo

Now I really realize dat Ive been really stupid inside

I was hatin da wrong people n thinkin incorrectly

Cuz all u eva did was straight outa love fo me

I noe now dat all da nitez I eva cried

Was hard but through it all I thrived and I tried

I noe I wouldnt have been where I am today

If you didnt always hurt me n turn me away

Itz real koo dat u have so much love fo me

Itz really koo dat U neva really let me be

Wat u new u wanted me to stay away from

Ill neva be cuz u noe I aint dat dumb

I noe we don get along most of da time

But we alwayz try hard 2 make eachotha shine

2 da world it seemz like all we do is fite

But dey don noe how we r at nite

Family comez first rite

Ima do ma best wth all ma mite

Itz like wth u Im at da begginin of da line

Though we argue most of da time

In da end welll be just fine

I really wanna open up 2 u wen Im feelin sad

But I noe I wont let maself cuz ull just get mad

I wanna tell u everythin I really really do

But if I eva try 2 itll be one against 2

I really wanna be best friendz da onez I noe I can turn 2

Though u alwayz got ma baq itz really hard 2

I noe all u did n do is cuz u love me n u care

I noe if I turn around Ill see u 2 rite der

Everytime a tear fallz 4rm each eye

I wanna explain 2 u da reasonz dat I cry

Itz real hard pain hurt n sufferin

16 yearz of ma life ma happiness is still bufferin

I grew up wth a lot of ma cuzinz

Until now I finally realized I wont trade u fo dozenz

Not money not fame not even winnin no game

Wont make me 4get wat u r n wat u mean 2 me

If u didnt do wat u thought was rite

I wouldnt be da strongest kid in dis fite

If it werent fo u I would have neva began 2 write

N fo dat Im so thankful dat I have 2 brotherz like u

No matta wat I noe ull alwayz be der fo me

N ull alwayz be da brotherz I noe every otha will envy.

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