Feeling of Death

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I’d Feel Better If I Was Dead!

What More Can I Say,
Life’s just something you can not explain.
That’s just the only way.
Its okay,
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One day we happy,
Another we sad
We gotta live it
Definition of life is more than bad.
Day by day,
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So Lame.
Wanna get out feel the Haze.
Haze from another place.
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My mind is just interrupted.
Little by little it’s getting corrupted.
I wanna live life,
But short.
There no reason to live long.
You go through pain and struggle,
What more should I say,
This world’s trouble.
It’s so hard to believe in hope,
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Hard times, gets you wise,
That’s only if it has a big price.
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To all and will be,
As A Mystery.
But I wanna know so badly.
It’s unbelievable to what I was seeing.
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It’s not healing,
I have a deep feeling.
Getting worst and painful,
Can’t remember the last time I was grateful.
Life sux,
I wish I was never born,
Friends tell me not to say that any more.
But why live, what for?
No point as I mentioned before.
Dying is easy,
Living is hard.
At times people get stupid,
I gotta be smart.
It’s hard, but what isn’t.
I feel like I’m in prison.
Can’t get out,
Get out of the feeling I’m into.
The only person who can isn’t willing to.
Because I will reject.
At the same time,
I don’t wanna be where I am at.
I don’t know what to do,
I don’t know what to say,
I’m gonna go crazy.
Just Leave Me Alone.
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In Casket!!! 🙁

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