How Much I Still Do

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sitting in my bedroom alone Listening to songs we used to listen to. Thinking back to when we met. Looking at your photo, tears fill my eyes. Looking at how happy we were.
I miss everything. From dancing, to fighting, to you holding me close to your heart. I try to forget but I can’t. . It’s gone so fast. Yet it still feels like just yesterday, since we were living our perfect past. You said you see me in your dreams, and said I love you, those words I’ll never forget. I hold a memory of me and you in my heart, the one that showed me we would never be apart. Now I see it was all wrong, you lied to me all along. I just wish this pain would go away. No one before had showed me the road to love, until you came in my life. But then you broke everything away like it was just a play. Now we are nothing which I wish everyday we were more. I just hope one day you’ll realize, how much I loved you and how much I still do………………..

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