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Step Down

Step down, let me show you how it is.
Comin close, tryin to knock me out, but youll miss.
Back up, cuz you cant never match to this.
Hold on, cuz Ill knock you off your feet, with just one fist.

Show me, whatcha think makes you kool.
Look up, youll see in my eyes, your reflection, your the biggest fool.
Talkin bull, like you know whats really up, and whos who.
Spreadin rumors, but the biggest loser here is you.

Bring it, cuz I never back down from any fight.
Try and sing it, and youll still be so low, cuz your jealousy has effected your height.
Try and correct me, cuz you know that Im always right.
Break me, now thatll take way more than just one night.

Give up, cuz no matter what you cant never bring this chik down.
Cant stop me, Im inevitable, and yes I do wear the crown.
Open your eyes wider, youll see the machine in me.
Try to change me, will be the hardest task of your lives, look here and youll see.

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Why do I keep remembering memoriez from my past?

Why do I try hard to make each moment last?

Why are there so many liez behind every mans eyez?

Why when I really love someone he grows apart and dies?

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Da Stormy Rain

Da lif I liv
Da breathz I tak
R somewat lik
Da stormy rain
Ma dreamz r turnin blak

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