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How Much I Still Do

sitting in my bedroom alone Listening to songs we used to listen to. Thinking back to when we met. Looking at your photo, tears fill my eyes. Looking at how happy we were.
I miss everything. From dancing, to fighting, to you holding me close to your heart. I try to forget but I can’t. .

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Lady Poetry- Mzzpoetry’s newest, unreleased poetry, “Step Down”, and “Im Scared-Vaxenum Em”

As you all know my newest, unreleased poetry, will be released exclusively to, the poems section. This is the first time that my unreleased, unpublished poetry will be available for your reading pleasure. There are two poems. One is about love, an Armenian/English poem, both translations called, “Im Scared- Vaxenum Em”, and the next is about jealousy, haters, and reality, a side of me that was probably very unexpected, called, “Step Down”. I know that you all are patiently waiting and have been for the past 2 weeks, and it was supposed to be released today, but, due to a few delays, the poems wont be up until tomorrow morning at the latest. Thanks for your patience. Check back tomorrow.

Lady Poetry-Mzzpoetry-


Mayrik arants kez el inch anem,

Arants Mayrik elle kyanke inche?

Kez che tesnell el inch aprem?

Mayrike karothe urishe.

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Im Hayriki nman votch meke chi thanjevel.

Im Hayriki dardera um pathmem vor haskana?

Im Hayriki pes ashxarum chka.

Im Hayriki pes urish votch meka chi lini chka.

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Chen Karox Indz Kothrell

Atch uh dzax inchkan en xosum,

shath shath en portsum.

Bayts inchell anen chen karoxanumm,

irants yerazanka katharen.

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Chem Lsi

Portsumen indz tsatsratsenen bolora, bayts chem lsi.

Uh chen haskanum vor chem lsellu yes, votch chem lsi.

Inchkanell tox gelxiks heth xax anen, chem lsi.

Ka thanjevem miyain vor dzez xarmatsnem.

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