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Butterfliez in ma stomach Firefliez in ma head Bumble Beez buzzin repetatly Da beatin of ma heart
Da whisperz at ma earz Da shadow of all fearz U neva imagined Not even in a million yearz Butterflies, Fireflies, Dragonflies Rosez n heartz every were it jus wont stop Poniez, Puppiez, Kittiez, Im in LOVE!
Yup datz love It hurtz wen ur gone But I end up healin wen ur baq I found som1 to LOVE da 1 I can trust Da 1 I can kiss Da 1 I could hug Ma man is lik no otha Hez da one n only tru man to me I neva mean to hurt U wen I do I neva mean to mak U mad But babe undastand dat through all dat sadness U brought to ma lif Da greatness of happiness Boo U closed ma door of endless Tearz N opened da dorr to Enchantin n Nevaendin Dreamz U will be baq baby someday soon n wen U r Ima show U how much I lov U boo I feel as if Im one out of a million U heal da woundz da broken veinz to ma heart I guess U really do love me dat I feel dis way Openin ma eyez nope itz reality Itz all lik Im livin in da wrld of fantasiez I jus cant explain no mor da feelin of ma heart I feel as If Ive been hit wth da sweetest love dart See every lif has itz own journey n itz tru Im still learnin See da one datz alwayz lovin will be der to love U fo lif Da one datz alwayz der wth U is da one datz alwayz lovin U Da one datz puttin yo piecez togetha Will keep yo heart from breakin FOREVER!!!!

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