22 years

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across the seas and over the land,

a place far from what as a young girl i had planned.

married young with such glee,

visions of love and passion that was not to be.

at first so caring, kind and close,

now hes hardly there almost like a ghost.

no friends around i’m all alone,

i need someone to talk to, i stare at the phone.

i crave some attention no matter how small,

anything will do, anything at all.

i used to have good judgment, id know what to do,

my heads full of fog, i don’t have a clue.

22 years old and married one year,

as for the rest of my life what do i have to fear?

he raises his hand with such anger and hate,

will i survive or will i meet my fate?

through all of the confusion, thoughts and fears,

i’m still only a girl of 22 years.

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