Gloomy Child

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A dark and lonely cloud follows this gloomy child
Her pale and plain face is drawn out with the no longer
Exotic spontaneous eyes or
The golden olive skin
She now sits alone with terrifying images
Running lose in her head
Surrounding her are lively and playful colors
From bright to brighter
Representing the minds of others
The world around her is not her world
Her world is a deflated balloon
She lives alone with others
Constantly around
They see her
But cannot help
The warning signs have been seen and ignored
The poor child is left with nothing
And no more options
She has been stricken with lust
And been burned much more than once
She doesn’t believe in trust
No one understands
And no one ever will
Because what is not asked
She will never tell
She is not secluded but
Wishes she was
For her sadness might be spread
To those too close
She fears she will poison the happy and
Change then into rough seas
Her heart breaks a little more each day
And she is a lost cause
She cannot break free
Of the overwhelming feeling of pain
She has been forced to resort to the unthinkable
The door closes behind with a soft and cautious motion
The lock is enforced and is her protection
The lights are dimmed
The shower is misting
As she sits in the tub with a blank stare
She places her bony and emaciated wrist in front
And pushes hard and deep within
As the tears stream down her clear skin
Red pours out
Now, uncontrollably
Her mother is now at the door
Banging, trying to stop her.
The incision becomes deeper and serious
Its time now to go
With one last glance at the door shielding her
From her mother’s cries
She closes her eyes
And says goodbye.
She sees the white light and pearly gates
The door slams and crushes a tile
Her mother looks at what she could have stopped
But she is too late
And now her little girl
Is finally happy.

Submitted by mkd1390

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