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Looking up at the stars
Seeing nothing but you
Staring aimlessly into the night sky
With your face
The only thing in my mind
I thought I could be freed
But you still have my heart and soul
You are my keeper
I could grow old
Not talk to you for years
And still
You will have my heart and soul
You will forever be my keeper
Not a day goes by
That the thought of you
Doesn’t flood my mind
When the wind makes the trees dance
I hear you calling my name
When the rain comes down
I see your face in the clouds
I have the strength of one man
But with you as my keeper
I have the strength of a thousand
I can only see clearly for so long
But with you as my keeper
I can see forever
I am forever in debt
The strength you give me
Lets me survive
Without you as my keeper
My heart and soul
Would certainly have no place to go
For years
I searched for an answer
Looking for someone to take me in
Keep me safe from my wicked sins
Now I have found you
My keeper
Forever and always
Keep me safe from harm
Keep my heart
Keep my soul

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