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I Will Never Forget You

Dedicated To My Grandfathers Hovanes and Hovannes

It seems very dark without you.

How I wish those days you lightened my way.

It feels as I have lost my way why couldnt you please remain.

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I Cant

I cant breath, I cant sleep, I cant walk,

I cant talk, I cant read, I cant write,

I cant feel what is right, I cant

Understand, I cant be afraid, I cant be

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Butterfliez in ma stomach Firefliez in ma head Bumble Beez buzzin repetatly Da beatin of ma heart
Da whisperz at ma earz Da shadow of all fearz U neva imagined Not even in a million yearz Butterflies, Fireflies, Dragonflies Rosez n heartz every were it jus wont stop Poniez, Puppiez, Kittiez, Im in LOVE!

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At first I really hated u

Cuz u kinda took me outa skoo

But now I see dat I was a foo

2 not see all dat all along u were so koo

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As One

As I close ma eyez sittin in a cold n empty room I remember ur wrdz n felt so blue I remember ur wrdz n dose beautiful brwn eyez baby da rain aint drippin so dont think dese wrdz r liez As I sit on these benches on da treez in da park da grasses so green da sky lookin so clean

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I’ll wait for you

I will wait for you
though i don’tknow why
you broke my heart
you didn’t treat me right

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