How To Love A Girl

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Love is so precious,
Love is so beautiful.
It takes two
To become truthful.
It’s a moment
Than some time.
As days go by
It becomes your life.
You just gotta know how to love.
It’s kinda hard.
But if you really want it
Wait about it
And it’ll come to your heart.
Be good,
Be nice,
Don’t lie,
Be wise.
Treat her well,
Give what she deserves.
Be romantic,
At times make her desserts.
Love her deep.
And carry her all around
Princesses like her might not every be found.
Be kind and smile,
Make her laugh once in a while.
Keep your distance close.
Make her feel like she glows.
Make the love blood flow.
Make her know, who she’s for.
She’s for you.
And you’re for her.
She’s your world,
You’re a whole.
Be nice and compromise.
Treat her like you wanna be treated
And you’ll be fine.
Feel the fire,
Feel the love.
Don’t make a mistake
She might be gone.
Just love her much
Hold her tight
Don’t let her go
She’s the light.
The living food and water
She’s everything you dreamed for
Now you got her,
Be nice with her.
Laugh with her.
She needs you,
She wants you
Be there,
And some day,
You’ll be recognized as a statue.

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