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How many love stories can I write.
How many tears can I cry?
I’m sick and tired,
It’s becoming part of my life.
What was it?
Only one girl.
That one girl hurt me with lies.
I gave her my trust, my life
My soul, my respect and my love.
All I asked for was your love back with a hug.
What else do you expect from a man?
You were my Queen
You were my soul.
My princess,
And my whole.
I just don’t know
I need answers.
I want answer!
What for?
I reminisce the first days.
Going to college with smile on our face.
Getting closer each day.
For nine months we went through a lot.
We laughed and cried together day and night.
I was always there for you.
Never missed your calls.
Restaurants or parties,
Nobody mattered but you the most.
I loved, I cared
I even feared to lose you,
I always proved you.
Never lied was always truthful,
You were the one I wanted to spend my future.
But look at it now.
What happened, why you change?
You had everything you craved for,
And this is what I get in exchange.
This is foolish
You lost me.
You’ll look back and say
What was the reason?
Why you did what you did,
Why you said what you said,
This will all fire back
As soon as you meet another boyfriend.
Man like me you won’t find.
They won’t stand you, they won’t have the patience.
I left you because I couldn’t take it.
It is your fault,
And now you left me in misery.
I wish you called and said I missed you dav.
I wish you called and said I love you dav.
But all that I dream.
Never coming true.
That’s just the way it’ll be.
Till this day, as I lay,
Every night I meditate.
I get down on my knees and pray,
Hoping to hear you someday.
It’s driving me crazy.
Cuz I cant hold you, I can’t touch or feel you.
I can’t give you the sweet kiss I used to give you.
And now in my dreams you appear.
You keep saying Good Bye,
And I’m living with fear.
I can’t believe me,
I can’t believe this is real.

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