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I’m confused.
Confused with everything that’s been happening.
It’s been very tough.
I’m glad I’m strong and battling.
I’d never though I’d have feelings like this,
Me, she’s gonna miss.
And my Kiss.
She deserves what she gave back,
A fist.
But the love I have for her
Is being taken by my madness.
I’m not sad,
I’m just mad.
Mad at her
For being a jerk.
And not thinking at first.
Everybody deserves a second chance.
But not her,
She deserves what she’s worth for.
But I do wish her luck,
In everything that she does.
But she will be with out my love.
Forever will be far.
Far from me
She’s not the beauty.
She’s the beast.
My faith is fading away,
My love is diseasing away.
It’s all because of her ways.
It’s alright it’s her faze.
Too bad,
She still won’t see my face.
Not now, not ever,
I won’t make the same mistake later.
I’m done with her,
I’m just too clever.
Enough with the bad weather
Let’s look at the bright side.
I got nothing to hide,
Nothing to lie.
I’ve been true all my life.
That’s why I’m gonna have a nice wife.
With kids by my side,
At all time.
This is my dream,
The day that I’m waiting for.
The day that I’m praying for
I just need a girl.
A girl who will fulfill my heart and soul.
Unlike before.
And this is how I’ll end my poem.

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