Red Shoes

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Your new Red Shoes are shiny and bright,
They make me see you in a different light!
I wonder if they look different at night?
I wish I could see them with all my might.

Your new Red Shoes are big, not small.
They emphasise you being sexy and tall.
I wish I were the carpet in your hall!
Walking all over me, I wouldn’t mind at all.

Your new Red Shoes are worth more than gold,
They can make men go weak, or so I’m told.
Worth a try, at least, if you are feeling bold!
I wish I could touch them; they would be nice to hold.

Your new Red Shoes get my attention,
And just like you, they are sheer perfection.
Do you know what I’d do for a closer inspection?
I’d give you my entire two-pound coin collection!

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