Assembly Required

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not� a real long time� ago,

a box arrived, starting off the show

bright lights flashed and ignited fire,

on the box was a sticker: assembly required.

upon opening the box, it� erupted with color,

spaying in the air, some were brighter, some were duller.

peices sent� all over, but� absent were� directions,

without proper discetion, it was divided into sections.

parts were thrown around,� all up, right, left,� and down,�

landing close,� they stcuk together and there� they formed a ground.

on that ground landed nuts and bolts

different,� but alike like cars and boats.

the nuts rolled one way, and the bolts went another,

pushing like� matching� magnets off of� one other.

when they stopped, they� looked around,

� and ghasped at� the surprise they� found.

down from� the sky� came greens and blues,

blending to create beautiful hues.

and splashing softly on all the parts,

from� beautiful colors sprouted hearts.

from� each and every nut and bolt,

thumped a beat, stern and bold.

life ignited like forest fires,

and triggered feelings like hope and desire.

The nuts and bolts were beings now,


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