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A New Beginning


Courtney Shaw


You broke my heart,
because I was wrong,
but a revelation I have had,

and here I stand to tell you.When I went to sleep at night,
the lights were always on,
then you came to sleep with me,
and my fears were gone.
Eating was never my strong point,
it was hardly ever done,
but then you came to along,
making me eat and exercise.

You always know what’s right for me,
and treat me like the best,
but a greedy person is I,
looking for your time without rest.

Now you have more free time,
and freedom far and wide,
to do what you please at your own leisure.
Now instead of begging you,
I will simply ask of thee:

I ask of your love,
and your time and hugs,
but not your money, past or hate.

I ask of thee for not another chance,
because you were right,
it’s not worth it.
Now I ask of thee,
for a new beginning.

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