A True Friend

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A true friend is a friend who you can trust without a doubt

A friend who you can rely on for help

A friend who would come see you when your ill

Keep doin so until your healthy and fit

A true friend is a friend who loves to spend time with you, have laughs with you and keep you happy

A friend who would buy you things and treat you without counting

A true friend is a friend who would help you emotionally, mentally, physically and financially

A true friend is a friend who would stick up for you and help you in every they can

They would share your hapiness and sorrows

They would pray for you and your family’s wellbeing and happiness

A true friend would tell you what’s right and wrong

They would lead you to the right path and help you become a good person

They would keep you away from harm and evil, destruction and degradation

A true friend is a friend who doesn’t forget small kindness and doesn’t remember small mistakes

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