A closet of broken dreams

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I live in a closet of broken dreams ,
all what I can hear are my screams ,
I want this place should be lighted up by sunbeams ,
but I am not quite sure of this becoming as it seems ….
it seems as if I am losing it all,
I no longer could hear the angel’s call.
am I dying ,
or is it just that I am lying ,
in middle of heaven and hell
it even seems as if I am running ,
running away from my sins,
I wish I could stop and hide ,
on a safer side ,
would it be right,
or would it be wrong ,
would I be able to last long ,
in this world and under this sky ,
would someone really be able to hear my cry .
I hope for the best
and wish that this is just a mere test
which would help me to break out from this closet of broken dreams

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