Poor House

Poor House

You climb the stairs with my suitcase.
You try to make it look easy.
Your Brooklyn apartment doesn’t have an elevator.

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Looking up at the stars
Seeing nothing but you
Staring aimlessly into the night sky
With your face

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Where Did We Go?

We grew apart, and you broke my heart.

We started off smooth, we ended it rough.

Why was this so so tough?

Its like the silent gazes in the night sky, our memories to never ever die.

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Always Be With You

Everyday you make me smile we have known each other for a while. I know we’re not� together, but I know I can always count on you for whatever.I know we will always be together throughout the stormy weather.

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God, I thank You

I am just a nobody seeking joy,

Just a simpleton dreaming to be coy,

Someone who couldn’t even buy a toy,

A man, incompetent to use a ploy.

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22 years

across the seas and over the land,

a place far from what as a young girl i had planned.

married young with such glee,

visions of love and passion that was not to be.

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